Tuesday, February 5, 2013

14.000 games in 28 days. Feburary

here we go:

first 4 days i've been grinding mainly 18 tabling 6max $15 hypers. I feel pretty exhausted, so far im up 6,500 VPPs

As i'm close with the pace and its really hard to keep the volume up, i noticed that i'm barely running above EV 18tabling. After doing some studying i realized i was playing very poorly while 18tabling. So moved to 14tabling again, problem solved. As i need aprox 1-2 hours more to finish my grind every day, i'll have even less time to do anything else. I started off the bet as a help to motivate myself. On the first day i already wanted to quit right away, i was up like 600$ in the first hour, just to lose it all in the next 400 games <3.
As the bet was really small, i could just pay it off and move on. But the more i played, the more i felt like i could do it. So i guess i just keep playing, and see what happens.

Update 1:
6,500 VPPs/ 45.500 VPPs (~14.3%)
~1k after RB

Just in pace!
Didnt play today yet, waiting for werner 'renrew187' to arrive. He's staying here for a while and join the grind with me.

btw, i'll post graphs at the end of the month

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