Tuesday, February 5, 2013

14.000 games in 28 days. Feburary

here we go:

first 4 days i've been grinding mainly 18 tabling 6max $15 hypers. I feel pretty exhausted, so far im up 6,500 VPPs

As i'm close with the pace and its really hard to keep the volume up, i noticed that i'm barely running above EV 18tabling. After doing some studying i realized i was playing very poorly while 18tabling. So moved to 14tabling again, problem solved. As i need aprox 1-2 hours more to finish my grind every day, i'll have even less time to do anything else. I started off the bet as a help to motivate myself. On the first day i already wanted to quit right away, i was up like 600$ in the first hour, just to lose it all in the next 400 games <3.
As the bet was really small, i could just pay it off and move on. But the more i played, the more i felt like i could do it. So i guess i just keep playing, and see what happens.

Update 1:
6,500 VPPs/ 45.500 VPPs (~14.3%)
~1k after RB

Just in pace!
Didnt play today yet, waiting for werner 'renrew187' to arrive. He's staying here for a while and join the grind with me.

btw, i'll post graphs at the end of the month

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Staking done, moving to hypers 6max

Hey, just a quickly update on the hypers after my staking. Feeling much more motivated to post now. Suddenly i earn alot more and dont even bother to run some under EV. Just hoping to score smth big while playing hypers im always adding few mtts, busted 45th yesterday in the Hot 22, had a couple of deep runs, and a nice 2xturbo 3rd place for $3,200.
These are my hypers in the last week, have been reduced volume to be more focused on my game. Worked out pretty good. I just need to run a little better ;-)

About making SN next year in 79 days... well, its going to be hard. I've done some maths on that. i'll have to pull up about 400 games every day, which will take about 4.5-5.5 hours of grinding + breaks it will be like a 7-8hour full day grind. Seems like i have no life in the next 3 months, but i hope its gonna be worth it.

All in all im really confident looking into 2013, chilling of 2012 with some league of legends huehueuhe

Wish u all a good start into 2013, glgl

*quick update: just binked the hot 11$ for 8,5k :-)